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Kukident denture adhesive cream and cleaning tables are the most recommended by dentists in Israel!*

Kukident products provide solutions for fasten and cleaning problems
of dentures and significantly improve the quality of life of their users.

Kukident-For Strong Fasten
Improves and strengthens the fasten of dentures
to the upper and lower gums.
Improves chewing and speech, reduces risk for gum wounds.

Kukident Plus- For Stronger Fasten
Provides X10 grip compared to not using an denture adhesive cream.
Creates a stronger and longer fasten for up to 13 hours.
Enables better tightening and blocking the entry of food scraps between the gums and dentures.
Has an antibacterial action that reduces bacteria which can cause bad breath and provides fresh breathing for up to 6 hours.

Kukident” Cleaning Tablets
Kukident tablets are suitable for cleaning partial and whole dentures,
retainers, mouth-guards and aligners.
Remove plaque and prevent the accumulation of tartar,
stains and food debris.
In order to protect the mouth and its hygiene and
enjoy clean and pleasant dentures it is recommended to clean them every day using “Kukident” cleaning tablets.

Kukident denture adhesive cream and cleaning tables are obtainable at private pharmacies, HMO pharmacies,
Pharm chains and online sites.

The products are medical devices.
Read the consumer leaflet before use .
Parve Kosher for Passover and all year long
*Based on a survey conducted among dentists in July 2021