Alcon Contact Lenses

Alcon® contact lenses – comfort wins!

Alcon, the worldwide leading eye healthcare company, offers its spectacled customers a variety of daily, monthly and colorful contact lenses, all with the added value of comfort.
Alcon’s top contact lenses are the DAILIES TOTAL1® lens with innovative water gradient technology.

90% of wearers agree these lenses are so comfortable, they forget they’re wearing them!*.

The Alcon contact lenses are available at select optical stores, pharmacy chain stores, Opticana store and online contact lens stores.

These products are medical devices.

Read the package leaflet before use.

*Perez – Gomez I. Giles European Survey of contact lens wearers and eye care professionals on satisfaction with new water gradient disposable contant Lens. Clin Optom 2014:17-23.