Electro Medical

  • General Surgical Tables

    In this field we offer quality surgical tables made by Mizuho OSI. These surgical tables are ergonomically engineered to provide efficient imaging, maneuvering and surgeon access to accommodate a variety of procedures and hospital requirements. Among the items included in this line of products are: sliding top surgical tables, rotating top surgical tables, motorized surgical tables and more.

  • Specialized Surgical Tables

    In this field we offer distinct surgical tables for specific disciplines, such as general orthopedics, hip replacement surgery, spinal surgery, vascular surgery and neurosurgery.

  • Operating Room Setup

    In this field we offer Mizuho Group’s triathlon®, the world's first comprehensive modular solution that combines knowledge and experience and creates an intelligent and complex surgical workflows analysis. Equipped with the best technical apparatus, the Triathlon® links products together, optimizes their functionality, and provides exclusive service that wins the hospitals and medical staff highest level of trust, from the planning phase, through the construction phase, to service and maintenance.

  • Monitors

    In this field we offer NIHON KOHDEN’s advanced monitor series. These monitors are placed in emergency rooms, operating rooms, intensive care units, general surgery departments and other areas to measure patients' vital signs, such as ECG, SpO2, NIBP and other physiological parameters. NIHON KOHDEN’s monitors combine advanced technologies, such as esCCO and iNIBP, to improve the quality of information regarding patient status and quality of care.

  • Cardiology

    In this field we offer NIHON KOHDEN’s ECG and defibrillators series. In the 'ECG Products' category a variety of devices are available: 3, 6 and 12 display channels (some of the devices display 6 additional calculated channels). In the field of cardiology, we market defibrillators that deliver electric shocks to the heart, which, in turn, goes into a potentially lethal arithmetic state, such as ventricular fibrillation, in order to restore a normal heart rhythm.

  • Neurology

    In this field we offer NIHON KOHDEN’s EEG and EMG Neuro Diagnostic Monitoring devices for clinics and ICU treatment.

  • Neurosurgery

    In the neurosurgery field we offer Mizuho Medical’s surgical table. This table is a cutting-edge surgical table for neurosurgical surgeries, aneurysm clips, Doppler instruments for blood vessels evaluation, and surgical instruments for transsphenoidal surgeries.