About Lapidot Group

Who We Are

Lapidot Group is one of Israel’s leading healthcare companies. The company specializes in import, distribution, marketing and sales of variety of products, solutions and services in healthcare and wellbeing. The company represents leading international companies with scientific excellence. Since its inception, the Group has enjoyed the reputation of a leading and visionary company that presents impressive growth and expansion data. In 2017, the company was ranked sixth in the ranking of Dun’s 100 Medical Equipment and Medicines Wholesale in Israel.

The company's structure includes:
  • Group Management
  • Medical & Healthcare Services
  • Pharma & Consumer Health
  • Optics
  • Operation
40 Years of Action and Excellence
  • 1979

    The Lapidot Seed Company was founded by Ami Lapidot (chairman and co-owner) and Gila Lapidot (director and co-owner). The company represented the Danish drug company Novo Nordisk and other unique drugs, including hormones and drugs for the treatment of cancer and diabetes

  • 1992

    The company was established as a local representative of Becton Dickinson (BD).

  • 1995

    Lapidot Sports Ltd. was founded and engaged in the import and marketing of fitness and sports products and brands and operated a network of fitness and spa clubs in Israel and the Czech Republic.

  • 2000

    - Ami Lapidot was appointed CEO of Ferring Israel Ltd., the local representative of the world pharmaceutical company.
    - Lapidot Beauty Ltd. was established, the company engaged in the import and distribution of international cosmetics brands.

  • 2006

    The Lapidot Company acquired Luxembourg Pharmaceuticals Ltd., founded in 1930. The company was engaged in the import and marketing of pharmaceuticals, equipment and medical equipment, and the subsidiary Lucision, which imported and marketed optical lenses and eyewear and sunglasses.

  • 2011

    The name of Luxembourg Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is changed to Lapidot Medical Import and Marketing Ltd.

  • 2016

    The grounds of Lucision Ltd. were merged with Lapidot Medical.

  • 2017

    - Bactlab Diagnostics Ltd. was purchased by the global medical technology company BD and established the foundation for the founding of BD Israel Ltd.
    - Ilan Lapidot was appointed CEO of Lapidot Group
    - Lapidot Group inaugurated another logistics center which joined the group's operating system.

  • 2019

    Establishment of the "Lapidot Compounding Center".

  • 2020

    Opening of the Lapidot Arad Dialysis Center.