Business Development

We invite you to join the success and become a partner of Lapidot Group. As one of the leading healthcare companies in Israel, our local customers include all of Israel's largest health organizations, pharmacies, public and private hospitals, health maintenance organizations (HMO), hundreds of experts and public opinion leaders at the top of their fields, and hundreds of thousands of patients and customers.

Thanks to our experienced sales team, our strong logistics network, and our numerous contacts in the Israeli market, many multinational manufacturers turn to us when they wish to expand their activities and enter the Israeli market.

One of the tenets of Lapidot Group is maintaining long-term relationships while appreciating the added value they bring to the company and our partners. We strive for such ties and our contacts with dozens of multinational companies, some of which have been ongoing for decades, testify to that.

We help our partners:

  • Identify the right opportunities in the Israeli market in terms of pharmaceutical fields, OTC, medical equipment and supplies.
  • Gain information and knowledge about the Israeli market and its various sectors.
  • Understand local regulatory requirements.
  • Gain a significant foothold in Israel’s health institutions and establish contacts with opinion leaders, medical specialists, doctors, and decision-makers.
  • Ensure quality in all areas of distribution by providing advanced logistics and marketing solutions.
  • Provide uncompromising professional service to local customers.