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Iron from the nature is Saptone! Doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners

Spatone is the top selling iron liquid supplement in Israel*. It is recommended by the most Gynecologists in Israel for pregnant and  lactating women** .  In addition, last year Spatone was recommended by the most pharmacists in Israel***. Spatone contains iron rich spring water.

Spatone offers two products:
Spatone iron-rich water, 100% natural iron supplement in packs of 28 or 14 daily iron sachets.
Spatone Apple iron-rich water with natural apple concentrate.

Spatone is suitable for all the family and children from age 2, pregnant, post partum and breastfeeding women, vegetarians and vegans and ascetics****.

Spatone is available for purchase at all MHO pharmacies, pharmacy chain stores, private pharmacies, health food stores, and online web pharmacies.

* Based on survey from 2020 conducted among those thanking iron supplements.

**Based on survey from February 2022 conducted among Gynecologist

***Based on survey from April-May 2021 conducted among pharmacist
****Spatone is a dietary supplement| Pregnant women, lactating women, patients taking prescription drugs, and children – refer to a doctor.