Lapidot Arad Dialysis Center

  • The Lapidot Arad Dialysis Center is the newest and most advanced dialysis center in Israel.
    The new center, located in the city of Arad in the south of Israel will allow dialysis patients residents of the area, to avoid long trips to remote medical centers several times a week.

  • The medical staff that manages the center's activities includes doctors and nurses with extensive experience in the field, and the treatment is provided with the help of the most advanced medical equipment and technologies (some of which are displayed for the first time in Israel) from B. BRAUN (one of the three leading dialysis equipment companies in the world and operates many hundreds of dialysis centers in many countries) and DWA company, both represented by Lapidot in Israel.

    Along with the technological aspect, in the design of the new center, great emphasis was placed on the well-being of patients, their comfort and privacy.
    The proximity of the new center to the Dead Sea allows dialysis patients from Israel and around the world to enjoy vacations at the Dead Sea while combining dialysis treatments especially for them.