Accessibility Statement and Arrangements Site Accessibility

Our offices are accessible for people with disabilities:

  • Disabled people parking space accessible is to the general public located near the company’s offices
  • Parking place for a high vehicle is located at the site entry area
  • Adapted wide passages
  • There are accessible toilet rooms for disabled people (there are directing signs)

Website Accessibility

Complete accessibility works have been done at this website, in compliance with level AA of WCAG 2.0 Standard, and we do our best to keep it accessible at all times. Whether or not you have a physical disability, in our accessibility interface you may find the adequate technologies using which, you may adapt the website’s presentation to your needs and limitation. Please note, any adaptation you make will be saved in cookie file in your browser, so the next time you enter this website, or when you browse between pages, you will not need to make the adaptations again, but the website will be ready for you with the adaptations you made the last time.

For your convenience, at the interface start, you will find the “Basic accessibility activation” button which will activate basic definitions such as adaptation to screen readers and adaptation to keyboard navigation, automatically with one pressing.

We believe that each person deserves the right to live with dignity, equality, convenience and independence, and therefore, many resources and efforts have been invested in the accessibility interface, to ease the website use as much as possible. Enjoy browsing!

Browsers and operation systems adaptability:
We support all popular devices and browsers available in the market, up to approx. 2 versions backwards.

General adaptations:
Button to activate basic accessibility, keyboard navigation, virtual keyboard operation, adaptation to screen readers, skipping to key contents, search for expressions, initials and slang, changing interface language, changing interface location, changing interface size.

Adaptation of text and content in interface:
Change of font size, change of font to readable, enlargement of text in mouse scrolling (magnitude), emphasis of links, emphasis of headlines, change of space between lines, change of space between words, change of space between letters, center alignment, right alignment, left alignment, complete alignment.

Adaptation of colors and view:
Presentation of pictures’ description, adaptation to screen readers, dark contrast, light contrast, change of website colors to gray shades, contrasted colors, change of text color, change of headings colors, change of background color, stop of animation and movement.

Navigation and orientation adaptations:
Change of mouse marker to a white large marker, or a black large marker, emphasis of the mouse movement, increasing and decreasing website presentation, accessible printing, reading condition, navigation by letters, focus emphasis, mouse movements emphasis.

Clarification and comments:
Despite of our many efforts to allow the website adaptation in the best possible way, there may be pages or parts in the website that were not made accessible yet or the technological solution for them was not found yet. Nevertheless, we constantly continue to improve, add and update the abilities of the accessibility interface in the website, as well as adapt and develop new technologies to reach the most optimal accessibility level possible at any given moment and in accordance with technology advancements.

If you find a malfunction, or you find it hard to use the accessibility interface, or you have ideas how to improve it, we will be happy to hear from you. By pressing “send feedback”, located at the bottom of the accessibility interface, you can complete the feedback form and tell us about your experience in the website. In addition, you can address email and it will arrive to the person responsible for the website’s accessibility.

Contact routes

  • Accessibility coordinator: Yaron Rafa
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 054-3009592
  • Address: 8 HaShita Caesarea
    * Addresses received from this page, which do not deal with the access issues of Lapidot Group Website, will not be addressed.
    ** If you wish to make contact on other issues, please dial 1-700-70-20-33 and/or use the contact us page.