• Hemodialysis

    Innovative and effective medical equipment for the treatment of chronic dialysis patients. Hemodialysis is an in extracorporeal blood purification method intended for chronic kidney failure patients: Dialog iQ Dialysis Machine This dialysis machine is the cutting-edge of dialysis technology. The machine functions as an external kidney, it enables personalized individualized treatment protocol with a convenient interface, and the ability to remotely view each patient and his/her condition during and after treatment.

    Dialog + Dialog machine available in three possible configurations:

    • Dialog + HDF - Machine for two needles hemodialysis/ single needle or hemodiafilteration (HDF-online)
    • Dialog + DP - Machine with two pumps for performing hemodialysis with two needles/ one needle
    • Dialog + SP - Machine with one pump for hemodialysis in two needles/ one needle
  • Dialysis Consumables

    We offer a high quality array of sets, needles, solutions and disinfectants made by B.BRAUN company

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  • OMNI Acute Blood Purification System

    The new global system for the treatment of acute dialysis. The system is equipped with a wide variety of intuitive technologies that facilitate the caregiver role and improve patient care while maintaining very high efficiency and safety standards.

    The system’s benefits:

    • Full spectrum of therapy, dilution and anticoagulation modes
    • Full flexibility during therapy
    • Accurate fluid-balance management
    • Cutting-edge design
    • Advanced safety features
  • Water Purification Systems used in Hemodialysis

    We offer dialysis solutions by DWA, a company that specializes in dialysis water systems.
    The products conform to the official safety standard for medical equipment, and were approved by the Medical Devices Division at the Ministry of Health.

    The system’s benefits:

    • Reliability and high operational safety standards
    • High microbiological standards for products and patients
    • Cost-effective operating costs for water, energy, service and maintenance
    • Fixed/mobile system option
    • Consultation and project management: from the planning stage to the implementation and service stages
  • Central Concentrate System

    We offer complete on-site automated dialysis concentrate production systems made by Intermedt.
    The system provides a variety of concentrations in direct supply, while minimizing while minimizing space and eliminating the need for special and complex logistics. The system provides complete safety with One-value solution identification and providing easy to use interface while being cost effective.