Hospital Care

  • I.V. Solutions

    The safety of the patient, the medical staff, the procedure and the product are not empty slogans but  B. Braun’s philosophy. In this field we offer I.V. solutions - provided in advanced containers - that constitute the forefront of innovation and technology.

    B. Braun’s advanced solutions are the result of the company's long and established cooperation with doctors, nurses, pharmacists and patients.

  • Anesthesia and Pain Management

    The regional/local anesthesia treatment has become the preferred treatment method for both physicians and patients in recent years. Advanced pump technologies, medical consumables, anesthesia needles and stimulators improve patients’ rehabilitation and recovery. The medical staff training we provide, combined with advanced simulation support, enables a short learning curve.

  • Infusion Pumps

    B.BRAUN's Space System is a comprehensive infusion system. It includes infusion pumps (volume and syringe), integrated treatment work stations (to be used in case of necessity), a PCA infusion device option, and software that controls and monitors the entire pump system. The pumps’ advanced technology is compact, lightweight and comes with a variety of cutting-edge functions.

  • Urology

    The use of catheters during hospital stay or in-home treatment often causes urinary tract infections. We offer Uro-Tainer - safety solution for catheter installation and maintenance.